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Britannia 3.8%

The Goddess Britannia rules the waves and has steered our navigators home since Roman times. We take pride in this amber-coloured, smooth malty beer that is well balanced giving the mellow, malty finish of a Great British Bitter.

New Dawn Pale 3.9%

Wake up with the taste of summer orchards and barley in our New Dawn Pale. The colour of freshly cut straw with a distinctive fruit aroma, it’s well hopped to a refreshingly sharp finish. Especially welcome by thirsty workers.

Golden Anchor 4.3%

The legend of The Quest for the Golden Anchor demands the regular consumption of clean, pure and refreshing ale. This golden draught smacks of fruit and malt on the nose with pleasing biscuit flavours and a lasting malty aftertaste.

Viceroy IPA 5.2%

This classic Indian Pale Ale draws on the popular beers exported to loosen the collars of uptight officers on balmy evenings. This healthy straw coloured ale neatly balances powerful citrus fruits with malty sweetness and robust bitter flavours. Easy on the eye but it packs a bit of kick in the glass so go steady old boy.

Eclipse Stout 4.4%

This traditional, robust stout can be seen from the Moon, or any other pub for that matter, and puts other dark beers firmly in the shade. Perfectly balanced roast almond and chocolate flavours are topped off with a tight creamy head, surely that can never be wrong together.

Apus American IPA 5.5%

Named after the Bird of Paradise which for many years explorers thought just hung around all day showing off because it had no working feet, it’s obviously an ideal pint for many of our customers. This deceptively drinkable, refreshing American style brew uses lager malts, balanced with a full American hop and a lasting display of complex aftertaste.

Daniel Diggle Traditional English Bitter 3.8%

This malty, smooth English bitter celebrates our history of rebellion and is named after the infamous Luddite Daniel Diggle of Nottingham. A textile worker who acted on his words, he first argued with, then shot his former employer and was hanged for his crime in front of The Galleries of Justice in 1817.

January - Triton 3.7%

This messenger of the sea and son of Poseidon has the three-pronged appeal of taste, colour and aroma. Very light in colour, the smooth citrus fruit flavours and the gentle aroma of a slight sea breeze make this the perfect beer to wind down with.

February - Tight Head 4.1%

The Anchorman in the scrum, this chestnut coloured stalwart is full of British hops and strong in flavour with malt and nutty flavours and an aroma to match. Always first into action and a solidly reliable pint.

March - Arctic Blast 4.0%

This is crisp and sharp with a length to match any great polar explorer’s beard. A blonde beer with a subtle soft aroma, clean fruity citrus taste and a complex finish.

April - Last Knight 4.5%

The flavour of this deep golden beer stands proud just like St George. It’s steeped in ancient English hops that gives flavour in depth and colour and a smooth clean, very drinkable ale. Watch out though, it may have your head?

May - May Flower 3.6%

A British “ Mild bitter beer” that’s dark in colour but light bodied. The flavour is dominated by roast malt with a subdued hop character. The Pilgrim Fathers drew their numbers from North Notts and the name of their ship from the delicate pink and white blooms of May.

June - Feudal Barons 4.2%

“There shall be standard measure of wine, ale and corn (the London quarter) throughout the kingdom” so stated the important bit of the Magna Carta on 15th June 1215. This light golden beer should be sold in “pints or half pints” and is well balanced with a spicy citrus hop and a short burst of fruit with a bittersweet dryness to finish.

July - Atlas 5.0% Cask Lager

Atlas is a light-coloured beer that supports a big powerful taste. Brewed with the finest lager malts, a touch of wheat the mountain of hops gives this beer unmistakable flavours and aroma.

August - Back of the Net 4.5%

The football season returns and this refreshing straw-coloured beer combines a great first touch with a classy finish. Possessing world class strength in depth, it’s packed with fruity aromas, sweet flavours and delicate fruit and hops taste. This unstoppable left foot is everyone’s vote for beer of the month.

September - Oast House 4.7%

Distinctive in shape and all about hops the Oast House once dotted the skyline of England from Kent to Cumbria. This pale, golden beer has strong fruity hop aromas and is full bodied with a great balance. More hoppy bitterness grows increasingly with a hint of sweetness.

October - Columbus 4.4%

When Columbus landed in the Caribbean he discovered a continent rich in exotic colours and cuisine. This is copper –red in beer exudes roast malt flavours that give way to a spicy hop finish with slight coffee overtones..

November - Wise Guy 4.0%

‘Threescore barrels, laid below, to prove old England's overthrow’ as the rhyme says but we’ll be making a lot more than sixty barrels of this gunpowder coloured beer.
The fruity aroma continues onto the tongue with peppery hops increasingly evident in the taste. Creamy toffee flavours flow into sweet but dry finish.

December - Pints of Peace 4.8%

This Porter is to celebrate the football game played in the no-mans-land between the trenches of WW1 on Christmas Day 1914. The English won on penalties proving that even in war, anything is possible.
A traditional dark porter with delicate tones of rich fruit, this leads to a bittersweet taste and finish perfect for long winter nights.

Santa’s Blotto 4.3%

A rich golden – coloured beer, that has big powerful refreshing clean taste, with a sack full of hops it gives this beer unmistakable spicy fruity flavours, good elf and hoppyness.

Twisted Genius 4.5%

Like a classic stout but smoother and easier to drink, Twisted Genius is dark and prone to complex moods. With subtle malt and chocolate sweetness suddenly snapping into a crisp, refreshing finish. Brewed in England (where stout was invented).

Ghost Rider – Unfiltered Pale 4.5%

Somewhere in the swirling mist of this unfiltered pale, Ghost Rider will steal your thirst. You’ll get a whiff of the refreshing floral scents of the English meadow before he gallops over your gullet firing fruity, citrus hops into your sense with his trusty sidearm.

American Saviour – American IPA 5.2%

Make way, the big man from east of The Rocky Mountains is here to save those poor, huddled masses from weak and inferior brews. This west coast style IPA packs a mean punch with a payload of citrus hops and a cutting edge flavour that’s just runnin’ through your rock ‘n’ roll soul.

English Rebel – Pilsner 4.5%

In a world of bitter men and mild manners, English Rebel ruffles a few feathers. This light Pilsner spends 5 weeks getting lagered using time honoured methods and stands openly defiant of English ale etiquette, mocking the pomposity of his so-called betters. Once a rebel, always a rebel. You can’t help being one.

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